Series #7 A Mother's Judgment - Annalise Noelle

Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series
Annalise stood in the grand hall of her parent’s home, remembering her childhood years. She stared directly at Liam Noelle’s portrait and wondered why she had to be a descendant of the most famous architect in the realm. The man who built the realm’s elegant Gemstone Towers. He had been well acquainted with the founding mother Lyudmila. Which very few in the realm could boast having any descendants of that level of prestige. ‘’I just want to go home and sleep.'' '' I really cannot stomach this.’’ Annalise thought to herself. ‘’
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
''Annalise, your mother is waiting for you. I suggest you not keep her waiting.’’ Said Monica, her mother’s assistant. Monica looked at Annalise with pity in her eyes.  
Annalise straightened up. Racing towards the mirror, checking her hair and makeup. As Annalise stood looking in the mirror. Her eyes watered as she adjusted her smooth polished red coral and glittering black onyx earrings. A single small black spinel gem set atop each earring. Creating a striking contrast of elegance and sophisticated style for an occasion such as this meeting with her mother.
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
Monica walk towards Annalise and said in a low voice, ‘’ Annalise.''  ''Be proud of all you accomplished.'' ''You do not have to live up to your mother’s high standards.''
''Nor surpass her to be happy.’’  Monica quickly looked over her shoulder to make sure no one heard her. ''I have to be going now.''  ''But remember what I told you.''
Annalise walked up the staircase towards her mothers office.  She paused looking down the hallway staring at her the door. ''Its going to be fine Annalise.'' ''Just go in and get it over with.'' Annalise thought to herself. 
Annalise slowly opened the door to her mothers office and cautiously peeked inside. She saw the familiar look etched across her mothers face. A look that reminded Annalise of her early childhood. A look that meant all was not well... 
‘’You mean you forgot how to knock before entering my office? Now I can see why you lost you have not learned anything I have so graciously taught you over the years.’’ Vivian Noelle said this in an icy, controlled tone that made Annalise feel like a schoolgirl again. Annalise’s mother is known for her charming demeanor that clearly did not extend to her daughter. ‘’ Mother I- ‘’ Hush up! You are in no position to speak!... 
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
Vivian rose from her chair with a furious expression on her face. ''You had an opportunity of a lifetime! You attended all the finest schools in the realm, you inherited my beauty, and what use have they been to you?! Its obvious you didn't inherit the Noelle intellect! No one in this family behaves the way you do! Anyone looking from the outside in would think you were raised in the wild!’’  You let the title go to that frivolous Lavinia Trevils... What is the matter with you?!’’
Annalise stared at the floor, hoping her mother’s insults would come to an end. 
‘’For goodness sakes,  Anna!’’ Vivian said as she turned her back on Annalise.‘’Did you think I wouldn’t hear about your chat with Mrs. Batman?! You told her I gave you my bracelet for good luck. You foolish girl! I gave you the bracelet to establish your would-be-found success as the daughter of a four-time winner! It would have added to your prestige when you stood on stage, receiving the title and prized adornment!’’ Vivian continued lambasting her daughter for the next hour; finally running out of steam. Vivian dismissed Annalise, requesting she not attend the party next week in honor of the finished building, her brother David oversaw without his father’s assistance.  
 Once in the comforts of her own home, Annalise sat in her room, letting the tears flow as she felt she had hit rock bottom. ‘’Mother will never let me forget this!’’ Annalise sat up, eyes beet red from crying. She thought for a moment about what Monica said to her earlier.
''Monica is right; I don’t need that wicked woman’s approval or kindness to be happy!’’ she thought to herself out loud. ‘’I am a Noelle; I am stronger than this! So I didn’t win, big deal. I will get over this... It’s not the end of the world, right?’’ Annalise said this with uncertainty as she sat with her hands covering her swollen face, deep in thought. 
There are events in our life that are out of our control; no one is guaranteed anything. We cannot allow ourselves to be overcome with self-pity, nor can we allow others to steal our happiness. True happiness comes from loving ourselves for who we are and what we can do, not what others want and think we should do. Stay happy and always be the light people are drawn to by giving positive energy to those around you. If you were mesmerized by Annalise’s daring red Coral and black onyx earrings, be sure to select them from her Enchantress collection. May you be a magnet for all things good and happy!   
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 Handmade Red Coral Gemstone Earrings - Omni Allure