Series# 1 Scuba Diving At Sapphire Cove - Cordelia Fern

Cordelia Fern's Free Fantasy Comic Series- Omni Allure  
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
A two-day spell of sunny weather with bright blue skies created another opportunity for Cordelia Fern to seek the blissful pleasures of deep-sea scuba diving. Some time had passed since she last set sail for Sapphire Cove aboard the Maryellen, her father’s cruiser. Cordelia looked up at the blue sky and took a deep breath in, the fresh air soothing her body and soul. She looked at the vastness of the sea and smiled. Cordelia put her equipment on and went into the sea without hesitation.
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
The seawater embraced her as she looked around at the beautiful marine life that encompassed her. She remained calm as she spotted a shark not too far away. She was surrounded by lantern-fish and bristlemouths. A whole new world unraveled before her eyes as she explored the deep-sea water and enjoyed her disconnection from the world above when she glimpsed something that made her eyes go wide in amazement. Cordelia stumble upon an adornment worthy of praise. Cordelia was about to get her hands on it as she saw the shark getting closer from the corner of her eye.  
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
She remained calm; this had happened several times before. “C'mon now, out of my way,” she thought to herself. She could not wait to take the sparkling adornment into her possession.
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
The shark took a few turns around where the necklace lay nestled between the rocks and coral reefs, then swam off in another direction.
Cordelia Fern's Free Fantasy Comic Series- Omni Allure
Cordelia sighed and gazed as if in a hypnotic trance at the lustrous beauty that lay before her eyes. Her mind quickly began to race with numbers. ‘’What could an adornment like this be worth?’’ Cordelia thought to herself.
  An adornment made of iridescent freshwater Keshi pearls and scintillating tourmaline with brilliant accents of hematite might just suit one of Cordelia’s wealthier clients. Perhaps Mrs. Kackley, a private collector and a pearl enthusiast who Cordelia knew would pay a high price for a necklace as exquisite as this.
Forgetting all about her relaxing afternoon, Cordelia carefully clutched the pearl necklace in her hands.‘’I bet I can have it sent in for appraisal before the day’s end,’’ she thought to herself.
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Cordelia took one long look around, taking in all the splendor that encompassed her as she bid farewell to the marine life.“Until next time,’’ she thought and began the ascent.  
As she broke through the water's surface, Cordelia looked around in search of the Maryellen, but it was nowhere in sight. “Where is the Maryellen?!” She wondered if she had wandered a little farther than she had intended. The waters began to get choppy, Cordelia, looked up at the sky and relaxed her grip and the necklace. The necklace slipped from her hand, quickly descending into the waters below. Cordelia gasped and went after it, not wasting a moment. “Almost there,” she said as she retrieved the necklace, this time keeping a firm grip. Cordelia once again returned to the surface; the skies had greyed entirely with flashes of lighting touching down on the waters surface.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Cordelia, recognizing her precarious position, gathered her wits, relying on her innate sense of direction, and headed northward. 
As Cordelia swam, her arms and thighs burned with the intensity from swimming against the currents.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Her hand throbbed with pain from clutching the pearl necklace. Cordelia quickly adorned the necklace and removed her gear. ‘’I can’t be too far out,’’ she thought to herself. Her eyes spotted an island not too far from where she was.‘’Come on, Cordelia, you can do this,” she said to herself and started swimming towards the only piece of land in sight. 
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
    Cordelia reached the rocky shores, grasping at its hot rocks, pulling herself out of the water, panting. She lay atop the the rocks trying to steady her breathing, while she try and collect her thoughts.
Cordelia Fern 's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Cordelia heard an unfamiliar voice from afar. She quickly sat up and turned around as her eyes gazed upon an approaching stranger. A man, who looked to be in his late sixties, wearing camouflage shorts and a white t-shirt, looked at her keenly.  “How did you find this place? It’s off the charts?” He asked her as he moved forward. 
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
 “You speak as if you know me,” Cordelia stated firmly. “Well, who doesn’t? Everyone knows you, Cordelia Fern. I was surprised to see you here, but then again anything can be expected from you. It is an honor to finally meet you. She had heard of James before; he worked directly under Mr. J.T. Thorn of Thorn Enterprise, one of the many gemstone brokerage firms in the realm. He must have private access to this Island, she thought to herself.
  “Would you care to join me for a drink? Perhaps you can tell me what on earth you are doing this far out and on your own without a boat,” James said. ‘’It may be a while before my crew heads back this way.” Cordelia smiled, amused. She knew all too well about businessmen like him. This was just a good opportunity for him to network, but then, of course, who knew. James might have something Cordelia could use as well.
  Cordelia thought to herself, ‘’I wonder if his boss, Mr. Thorn, is a pearl enthusiast? I’ll bet I could get three times as much for this necklace as I could from stingy Mrs. Kackley. With Cordelia Fern, it was always about the numbers. Cordelia’s new prized possession pays homage to one of mother nature’s most precious underwater gifts. The pearl is the one and only living gem created by a living organism making this spectacular necklace all the more special. A true example of  nature’s wonders! 
Handmade Freshwater Pearl Gemstone necklace
Cordelia Fern is known to put her work before pleasure, a useful habit that is best used only during work hours. What can I say? Cordelia loves to work! I do hope you will be diligent towards obtaining whatever goals you have set for yourself this week. To acquire the same lustrous double-strand Keshi pearl necklace, be sure to explore Cordelia Fern’s Sojourn Collection; this underwater treasure awaits you. May your work week be a successful one!Handmade Freshwater Pearl Gemstone necklace