Elegant Comic Series

Omni Allure’s three lovely ladies live very different lives, each with her personality temperament. These complimentary comics give more insight not only to our ladies but to their jewelry collections. Sojourn with Cordelia Fern on her adventures and learn how she comes across her jewelry. Attend events with Lavinia Trevils and find what bewitching jewels she will wear to her next big event. Peer into our Enchantress Annalise Noelle’s romantic love life and her fantastic adornments. 
   Every Tuesday, three times a month, a comic is posted. One of Omni Allure's charming ladies will be featured along with one of her elegant gemstone adornments for the week. Short stories for maximum enjoyment accompany these fabulous comics taking you on another experience with these ladies and their very active lives throughout the elegant realm of Omni allure.
 Start reading our comics series three times a month every month as a gift to all of you who enjoy reading and viewing beautiful comic illustrations.
   I do hope you enjoy reading about each lady and her fabulous life in the realm of Omni Allure. Be sure to check our website weekly to keep up with these elegant ladies.
   With Omni Allure comics, the goal is to take you out of your day-to-day grind and offer a few moments of pleasure. Drift into our whimsical realm, allow yourself the opportunity to rewind the hands of time when you could daydream as you wish about the fairytale world, that special place of happiness and possibilities. It is with pleasure that Omni Allure can be the vehicle that transports you there. May your day be filled with happiness and positivity!
Free Fantasy Comic Series- Omni Allure