Series #3 An Evening At The Tanzanite Lounge- Cordelia Fern

Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure  
Cordelia lay on her back looking up at the night stars, docked at Sapphire Cove aboard the Maryellen. After her last excursion, she decided to take some time to unwind.
‘’I really should be preparing those documents for the tiger’s eye gemstone necklace,’’ she thought to herself.
Cordelia felt the vibrations of her cell phone buzzing.
‘’Really! I can’t have one night to myself!’’ Cordelia said to herself before reaching for her phone to answer it.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
‘’Cordelia Fern speaking,’’ Cordelia said.
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’Hey, Congratulations! I heard about your recent discovery,’’ it was Cordelia’s best friend, Maribel Gupta, a competitive show jumper and long time friend since they were roommates at MU (The University Of Malachite)
‘’Where are you, Cordelia? I saw your boat docked. Are you walking on the beach again?’’ Maribel asked.
‘’No,” Cordelia said with a slightly nervous chuckle. ‘’I am on board; I was thinking of heading back home to start preparing some documents..’’ Maribel cut Cordelia off. ‘’No! You are not working tonight, Cordelia; let’s celebrate. I am on my way to the Tanzanite Lounge; I will get a table for us and wait for you.’’ Cordelia eyed her travel bag, in which she always kept an extra set of clothes in case she decided to go out. ‘’Umm, I guess I could meet you there; let me get dressed, and I will meet you there in 20 minutes.’’
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
   Cordelia stood at the entrance of the Tanzanite Lounge
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
wearing her lovely lariat gemstone necklace. A necklace made of sparkling black spinel, vivid hot pink agate, and rock quartz gemstones, leading down to a single blossoming agate calla lily pendant, adding to Cordelia’s feminine beauty.
Spotting her best friend Maribel, she smiled brightly and walked towards the table. ‘’Maribel, you look amazing,’’ said Cordelia as the two embraced for a hug.‘’You look chic in that black and hot pink combo, and that necklace, wow! I need to borrow that sometime,’’ Maribel said.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
The two ladies sipped their drinks laughing and talking. As they looked over their menus, they heard an unfamiliar voice, ‘’Cordelia Furling, right?’’ The ladies looked up to see a tall man smiling down at them. ‘’My name is Cordelia Fern. Are you our waiter?” Maribel placed the menu over her face in an attempt to hide her smirk and suppress a giggle.
‘’Um, please the man said, eyeing Maribel behind her menu, giggling at him. His face reddened as he ran his hand across the back of his head.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series -Omni Allure
‘’Am Nathaniel, Nathaniel Blair. I don't work here... Am a charter pilot.''
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
''I recognize you from the cover of Gemstone Appraisal Magazine,’’ he said in a nervous voice. ''You, you found that-''
‘’Hello, I am Maribel Gupta; thank you for asking. It is a pleasure to meet you, Nathaniel.”
Nathaniel’s face was beet red.
‘’Can we start over, ladies?’’
Both Cordelia and Maribel laughed out loud.
‘’Yes, of course, we're just teasing you, please sit down,’’ Cordelia said. Nathaniel properly introduced himself to both ladies.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
‘’So, you're a full-time charter pilot; that sounds like fun!’’ said Maribel.
‘’I just like traveling and getting away from everything,” he paused and added, ‘’especially my family.’’
Cordelia stopped smiling and had a blank expression on her face.
‘’My dad is Mike Blair; he owns Gems Cargo Freight Co.”
‘’Oh,” both ladies said at the same time. “Yes, we've heard of your father, he-’’ Nathaniel interrupted.
‘’Let's talk about something else; what is it like being a professional show jumper?’’ he asked Maribel.
The conversation progressed throughout the evening from one subject to another. Finally, Cordelia heard her phone buzz. Realizing the time, she decided she was ready to call it a night.
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
Cordelia and Nathaniel walked Maribel to her car, saying their goodbyes as she drove off.
‘’Where are you parked, Cordelia?’’
“Oh, I came by boat.‘’
‘’I'll walk with you to the docks; maybe you can give me a brief 101 course on the basics of sailing,’’ Nathaniel said.
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
As they arrived at the docks, Cordelia boarded the Maryellen and prepared to leave Sapphire Cove.
‘’Listen, I am free tomorrow afternoon; maybe we can meet up and have lunch,’’ said Nathaniel.
‘’No, I have a lot of paperwork to go over, Powder needs a routine check-up, and I have a trip coming up.’’
“Whoa! Are you always that organized?’’ Nathaniel asked in amazement. Cordelia chuckled and pulled in the line to The Maryellen.
‘’Good night, Nathaniel; maybe I will see you around sometime.’’
‘’Well, wait, can we see each other when you have time?” Nathaniel said 
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series - -Omni Allure
Cordelia looked up at Nathaniel, her patience running thin. Cordelia quickly went through her bag and handed Nathaniel her business card.
Cordelia Fern Free Comic Series -Omni Allure
‘’Alright, time for me to go, Nathaniel,’’ Cordelia said with firmness to her voice. Nathaniel smiled at Cordelia as her boat moved further away from the dock.
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