Series #2 A Trip to Lava Stone Island -Lavinia Trevils

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
Arriving at Lava Stone Island, located in the middle of the Eastern Turquoise Sea, was nothing more than routine for Lavinia Trevils. She had spent many summers in this sun-drenched tropical paradise, shopping and enjoying some of her favorite spa treatments. This trip was all business; Lavinia was hoping to get the famous Haley Jackson as her client at Algodonite Entertainment. Lavinia would see to it that Haley Jackson enjoyed this trip. ‘’Julie, what time did you book for Haley and I for our spa treatments?’’ Said Lavinia.
Lavinia Trevils Free Comic Series -Omni Allure
‘’You and Haley Jackson have noon appointments at Rhyolite Day Spa,’’ said Julie, Lavinia’s secretary. ‘’You know Haley prefers to have lunch at noon, right?” Lavinia’s temper began rising slowly. It was a well-known fact that Haley Jackson,
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the owner of Pearl Essence Beauty Cosmetics, the most luxurious skincare brand in the realm, preferred her lunch promptly at noon, to allow for proper digestion.
‘’Well, Julie?!’’ Lavinia said, crossing her arms.
‘’Um, I... well, I didn't know that.”
‘’Julie, you should be keeping up with these things!’’
‘’I am so sorry, Lavinia, I forgot to review  the particulars of Haley Jackson. I will do everything I can to reschedule your appointments for 9:45 AM.’’ Julie quickly raced out of the hotel suite.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
‘’Good morning!’’ Haley said in a pleasant voice.
‘’Good morning Haley, are you ready for our spa treatments? You and I are having sulfur baths and facials this morning,’’ said Lavinia in her usual cheerful voice. ‘’Oh, that sounds just perfect! I need a little downtime,’’ Haley said.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
Lavinia and Haley were led into the spa overlooking the beauty of Lava Stone Island. As they soaked in their sulfur bath, the ladies discussed the possibilities for the launch of Haley's new product line. Lavinia made a mental note to scold Julie later on for ordering fresh fruits and a cheese platter served to Haley before noon. 
That evening, Lavinia, Haley, and Julie dined at the posh Geodes Steakhouse to finalize the details and bring Haley on as a client. As they were seated, Haley could not help but notice Lavinia’s exquisite necklace.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
‘’Lavinia! That necklace is just darling on you!’’ said Haley.
‘’Oh, why thank you’’ Lavinia lifted her well-manicured hand against the smooth polish green peridot gemstones. Four teardrop serpentine gemstones draped softly across the contours of Lavinia’s décolleté, suspended by the double strand of shimmering gold hematite, and fastened with a solid 14 karat gold clasp. The necklace flashed its brilliance in the light, accentuating Lavinia's lovely complexion.
“These peridot gemstones were discovered right here on Lava Stone Island in our realm's very own Lava many decades ago,’’ Lavinia explained.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
As the evening progressed, Lavinia finished the final samples for the Pearl Essence Beauty Cosmetic Event. Lavinia felt a surge of pride for her efforts to provide Haley with a fantastic trip to Lava Stone Island. Of course, as always, Lavinia completely forgot Julie’s efforts in the entire affair.
‘’Haley, you have made a wise decision entrusting Algodonite Entertainment to ensure the success of your latest cosmetic products,’’ Lavinia said with that familiar charismatic smile that she always proudly displayed.
‘’Well, I am certainly delighted to be working with you, Lavinia. I just knew you were the right woman for the job. I know you of all people understand an enterprise of this size. Your family does own the largest fine fragrance perfumery in the realm.’’ Haley said.
Lavinia beamed as she always did when people acknowledged her father’s success, translating into her success as an individual in Lavinia’s mind. ‘’Oh, of course, I understand,’’ Lavinia said in a confident voice.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
‘’Excuse me, Miss Trevils,’’ the waiter said in a cautious voice, ‘’There is a phone call for you.’’
Lavinia looked at the waiter with a pleasant expression.
‘’Thank you, but I do believe I asked for all messages and phone calls to be held, as I am with Ms. Haley Jackson,’’ Lavinia said, turning back towards Haley.
‘’My apologies, Ms. Trevils, but It is urgent; it is your mother.’’
Lavinia felt her stomach do a flip as she thought to herself. ‘’How did she know I was visiting Lava Stone Island?!’’ ‘’She is always checking up on me!’’
“Ms. Trevils,” the waiter recalled Lavinia to the situation.
‘’Yes, of course, I will take the call right away. Haley, my apologies,  will you excuse me for a moment?” She flashed a subtle look of frustration at Julie, who Lavinia believed should have been on top of this.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comics Series- Omni Allure
‘’What, mom! Do you know or even care who I am having dinner with at Geodes Steakhouse?!’’ Lavinia shouted through the phone.
Lavinia Trevils Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
‘’Oh, Lavinia, I know you're are dining with Haley Jackson this evening, but I just had to remind you not to schedule any events for the following weekend. I hope you have not forgotten I moved the dinner party to next Saturday, and yes, you must attend! All of your father’s business associates will be there, and I expect full cooperation from you.’’ Lavinia’s mother said in a stern voice.
Lavinia Trevils Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
‘’What!” Lavinia shouted, then lowered her voice, realizing people were looking in her direction. ‘’Okay, mother, I have to go now! We can discuss this later.’’ She hung up the phone without another word.
Lavinia Trevils Free Comic Series- Omni Alure
Lavinia stood glued to the spot in the lobby, seething with anger and frustration. There was nothing that frustrated her more than her mother commanding her to do anything.
Lavinia crossed her arms and thought of a long night with her mother taking the spotlight and her younger sister receiving all the compliments on how adorable she looked. ‘’They don’t need me; they have their favorite golden child in attendance!’’ Lavinia took a deep breath, calmed herself, and headed back to her table. She paused at the entrance way as she thought to herself, ‘’I hope my hair looks good in this lighting.’’
Lavinia can be a handful, especially when she feels things are not going exactly her way. Perhaps someday, she may learn that the realm does not revolve around her every desire. In the meantime, I suppose Julie will have to endure Lavinia’s ‘’princess-like mentality’’. Did you fall in love with Lavinia’s peridot gemstone necklace? You can select this stunning gemstone serpentine necklace from her  Bewitched collection on Omni Allure’s online boutique, where every jewelry piece is designed with the elegant women in mind. May your week be stress-free and positive!
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