Series #5 A Night At The Theater- Lavinia Trevils

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
 Lavinia gazed out of the tinted limousine window watching the light of day fade, and the shining city lights coming to life outside. It was a vibrant, warm summer’s night, and the streets were buzzing with citizens of the realm, all headed to The Grand Imperial Topaz Opera House, the oldest opera house in the capitol city. Only 40 miles from the prestigious Gemstone Towers. Lavinia watched as the shimmering white diamonds that lined the the clear quartz steps lit up the the blue topaz building. 
Lavinia Trevils Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Tonight Lavinia is attending the ballet with her date, Clifton Pierce. Clifton Pierce is the Chief Financial Officer for Painite National Bank. He is also a long-time family friend of the Trevils family.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Lavinia’s best friend, Josephine Youssef, a prima ballerina is preforming her first solo of the season tonight. 
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The limousine stopped at the entrance. Clifton, helped her out of the vehicle. Lavinia gracefully, extending one slender leg after the other.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
 Clifton beamed with pride as they began to walk. 
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
There was a murmur of admiration from passers-by as she walked up the steps of The Grand Imperial Topaz Opera House.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Lavinia and Clifton now inside the theatre, ascended the steps in the main hall towards their private box, aware of the eyes fixed upon Lavinia. She was wearing a floor-length gown made of pure silk, which fluttered as she moved. The lavender shade of the dress complemented her complexion and dark, luscious locks.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
 They entered their private box and took their seats as Lavinia cast her dark, seductive eyes to the stage below; sipping a glass of red wine. Occasionally, the people seated below couldn’t help but lookup and gaze at Lavinia, and her dazzling necklace. The gleaming amethyst gemstone necklace had accents of black tourmaline casting its sparkling facets against the soft glow of the theater lights.
She felt a rush of excitement as the lights dimmed and the curtains were drawn, revealing the stage with a solo ballerina in the middle.
Josephine Youssef danced gracefully, keeping the audience completely entranced. Lavinia watched closely through her opera glasses. When the curtain were drawn for the intermission, there was a standing ovation.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Delighted by Act one of the performance, Lavinia swept from her private box and made her way through the theatre to the backstage area, where her dear friend would be getting ready for Act II. Lavinia’s mother was a famous Broadway actress, so she knew the Opera House well. As she arrived at the dressing room to congratulate Josephine, she was surprised to see her friend in tears.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
“Oh, Lavinia!” Josephine wailed, her face covered by her hands as she lay in a tucked position on the floor.
''Josephine! What happened?!'' said Lavinia. ''The necklace for my final costume... It’s been ruined!”
Josephine held up a chunky, purple necklace adorned with dozens of rhinestones, which were designed to give the glittering effect on stage. Several of the stones had fallen out. Lavinia had seen this particular ballet performed before and knew that the necklace was essential to the final scene.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
“Is there nothing else?!” Lavinia asked as she gestured for Josephine to sit next to her for comfort with a look of concern across her face. Josephine shook her head, barely able to talk.
Lavinia smiled warmly at her friend, her dark onyx eyes twinkling like precious gemstones. She dabbed at Josephine's cheeks with a tissue,  attempting to fix the makeup that had been smeared with her tears. 
“Josephine, you are lucky that am here. Do you think that I, Lavinia Trevils, daughter to the famous Maureen Trevils, would allow you to go on that stage like this?” Josephine furrowed her eyebrows, confused. Then her face broke into a wide grin. If Lavinia said she could fix something, then not only would she fix it, but she would make it better than it ever was.
Lavinia returned to her box seat ready for the final Act. The buzz in the theatre subsided as the curtain drew open, revealing Josephine, who was wearing a beautiful costume, complete with an exquisite adornment.
She danced and pirouetted across the stage, mesmerizing the audience. The gleaming gemstone necklace shimmered its radiance as she turned, catching the eye of everyone in the room.
Lavinia ran her hand across her bare neck subconsciously where the amethyst gemstone necklace had once been, entranced by its beauty on the stage.
Lavinia Trevils Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
After the spectacular performance ended, everyone agreed it was Josephine Youssef’s best performance yet. News quickly spread of the new gemstone adornment added to the final scene. Lavinia was certain at some point she would be recognized for this fabulous upgrade to the ballet performance since it was her necklace and generosity that allowed for a spectacular visual effect for the final act. 
 It is seldom that one may glimpse the compassionate side of Lavinia Trevils... I must say it was refreshing to witness. We all should allow our compassionate side to take center stage. Lavinia really sparkled from the inside out at tonight's performance. Her necklace was such an excellent choice, it complemented her evening gown quite well. To capture this striking necklace for your very own evening out, visit Lavinia’s Bewitched Collection. May your compassionate nature be a beautiful gift to all those around you! Stay positive and filled with joy!
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