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Omni Allure's Size Chart- Omni Allure

There are many beautiful necklace lengths to choose from, each length offering its own distinctive look and name. Today I will discuss some of the various lengths that are most common and beloved among women of all ages!  


A choker is a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck and lays no further than the collarbone. The choker ranges from 14 to 16 inches in length. Choker necklaces have had their highs and lows throughout history and are currently in fashion. Chokers can be worn for a day or an evening look. An updo hairstyle is perfect for a choker so you can show off your choker’s dazzling design.


A princess length necklace rests below the neckline and collarbone, and is certainly one of the more common lengths most women wear on a day to day basis for those who adore necklaces. The princess length is ideal for its 17 to 19 inch length. Making it an excellent choice for your favorite winter turtleneck or a plunging neckline dress for a fun night out with friends. 


A matinee necklace is 20 to 24 inches in length, sitting classically between the collarbone and the bust, and is suitable for both business attire and casual wear. For a day at the office try adding a matinee length necklace to your outfits for a stylish daytime statement. If you plan to dine out with a loved one be sure to adorn your matinee length necklace to enhance your stylish appearance for the evening. 


An "opera" necklace is about 28 to 32 inches long. This rests around the bottom of a woman's rib cage.  An opera length is generally worn for a formal occasion. With the opera length necklace you can wrap around twice creating a whole new look but a new length. When you wear an opera length necklace for an elegant affair be sure to try different ways to style your necklace.


The rope is 33 inches and below, typically falling below the waist, though 36-inch styles may hit just above the waist on some women. The rope necklace can be worn as a triple strand necklace or be knotted creating an interesting look that certainly garners attention.  The rope may be an excellent choice for taller women, depending on taste and style. 

 Omni Allure offers various gemstone necklace lengths for different occasions in an array of vivid colors. If you liked the color scheme of pink, purple, and gold from the illustration it is offered in matinee length, which is 20 inches. 

This gemstone necklace is available in the Bewitched collection.

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