The Gemstone Masquerade Ball

Handmade Garnet and Freshwater Pearl Gemstone Necklace
  I hope you're enjoying the Elegant Ladies Of Omni Allure and their beautiful illustrations. This month all series will be centered on the Annual Gemstone Masquerade Ball, held at beautiful Pearl Manor near the Eastern Turquoise Sea! 
Pearl Manor - Omni Allure's Free Comic Series
The Masquerade Gemstone Ball is a time to celebrate the Elegant Founding Mother’s dedication to the realm’s prosperity and immense beauty.  As tradition dictates, invitations are sent to only the most accomplished in the realm; upholding the work ethic of Lyudmila,
Omni Allure Free Comic Series -Lyudmila
The Founding Mother. In the days of old Lyudmila would host this lavish event and select one citizen to give an exquisite adornment made of glittering gemstones to praise the chosen one for winning the title as, ''The Most Accomplished'' that year. This rich tradition has continued for decades. Citizens all throughout the realm anticipate an invitation to this extravagant affair in hopes of being awarded the honorable title and receive the spectacular adornment!
Handmade Gemstone Jewelry - Omni Allure
This year Cordelia Fern, Annalise Noelle, and Lavinia Trevils have been blessed to receive an invitation to this most prestigious event. Each lady has her heart set on acquiring this year’s prized adornment and receive recognition along with the title as Most Accomplished in the realm. Being honored with the title and gifted the dazzling adornment is desirable to each lady for her own personal reasons. Omni Allure's Free Comic Series - Cordelia Fern
  Cordelia Fern will be attending this event with the equally carefree Nathaniel Blair,
Omni Allure Free Comic Series
a charter pilot with whom Cordelia is slowly developing an attraction. The invitation to the Masquerade Gemstone Ball means the world to Cordelia. She hopes to win, as she knows this will be good publicity for her antique business. As a the winner of this event, it would undoubtedly give her access to a larger more elite clientele, translating into more success for her career.
Omni Allure's Free Fantasy Comic Series - Lavinia Trevils
   Lavinia Trevils has already scheduled an appointment with her personal stylist,
Omni Allure Free Comic Series
Kailani Kahele, at Carnelian’s Department store to be fitted for a lavish evening gown. Lavinia will attend this event with
Omni Allure Free Comic Series
Clifton Pierce, the CFO of Painite National Bank. She has demanded poor
Omni Allure Free Comic Series
Julie Peterson to find out insider information regarding all the particulars of this up coming event. She was not surprised to have received her invitation, as she always presumed she would. Being awarded this title and obtaining the precious gemstone adornment would place her face on every famous magazine cover in the realm, creating more stardom and fame for her. Lavinia is preparing herself to win!
Omni Allure's Fantasy Comic Series - Annalise Noelle
  Annalise Noelle beamed with pride upon receiving an invitation and will attend this event with
Omni Allure Free Comic Series
Thomas Kujima. An attorney and the son of a prominent judge. Annalise needs to be awarded this title if she plans to someday surpass her mother,
Omni Allure Free Comic Series
Vivian Noelle, who has been honored with this award three times in her younger years, and twice as a married woman. Annalise is taking this event as a business opportunity to network and further her plans to elevate her position at Garnet Galleries; whom she works for, and hopes to own someday. Annalise is laser-focused on winning this prized adornment and adding it to her growing collection of jewels.
  This Gemstone Masquerade Ball will certainly be a night to remember for each lady, as she hopes to stand out above the crowd for her achievements throughout the year. I do hope you will enjoy this event and the lovely illustrations that accompany this series. I would like to express my gratitude for your interest and support of The Elegant Ladies Of Omni Allure's. I thank you and hope this series brings happiness to your day!
The Gemstone Masquerade Ball - Omni Allure