Why Choose Omni Allure's Gemstone Jewelry?

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry- Omni Allure
Although perfection is challenging to achieve, it is not an impossible task. Omni Allure strives to become the best version of its self at all times. That approach is how we engage the design and creation process for every piece offered for your consideration.The trademark of Omni Allure is beaded gemstones.
You will find sparkling garnets, sapphires, lapis lazuli gemstones, and more in many designs, often complemented by lustrous freshwater pearls. This combination creates glittering colors that catch the eye while letting your personality and passion shine in the light.
All metals used for Omni Allure products are made from sterling silver, solid 14-karat gold, and gold-filled. When I use clasps in a design, you will see the markings or stamping to indicate a genuine product.
14 Karat Gold And 925 Sterling Silver Clasp for Handmade Gemstone Jewelry


100% Silk Filament Thread:
Why Does Omni Allure Feature Silk Thread?
Although almost any thread or elastic product can theoretically make luxury jewelry with affordable pricing options, your investment’s goal is to feel like royalty. When you have cotton, nylon, or polyester rubbing against your body all day, you don’t receive the same feeling that 100% silk thread offers. The only thread used with Omni Allure’s jewelry for each design is 100% filament silk.
Silk Filament Thread For Handmade Gemstone Jewelry 
Omni Allure uses filament silk because of its natural elasticity. Instead of having rubberized or synthetic strands bite and pinch when you wear your favorite items, this design element offers lightweight comfort without compromising its support.
Filament silk is remarkably strong, making it worth its weight in the foundational benefits it offers.
The natural luminescence from silk thread adds an aesthetic addition to each design to encourage a unique user experience each time. It is the perfect way to indulge yourself this year.
Some designs from Omni Allure feature pearl knotting. This structure ensures each gemstone receives extra security while protecting your investment from unintentional damage.
Whether you’re in the mood for romance, elegance, or femininity expressions, Omni Allure has your perfect jewelry recipe waiting. What will you discover in this realm today?
No Two Designs Are Alike at Omni Allure
Omni Allure creates unique designs because different pieces speak to everyone in extraordinary ways. It's a lot like finding your jewelry soulmate.
When you attend a gala, tea party, wedding, or anniversary dinner, the jewelry you wear should accomplish three goals. It should help you make a statement about who you are, become a conversation starter, and reflect the occasion's solemnity.
Parties are meant for frivolity and fun, but they are also the places where we reconnect with the people we love. Omni Allure uses a five-step process to ensure that every design can accomplish that outcome in the way you prefer.
First address the pattern and texture of the design. The goal is to be distinctive, alluring, and personable while letting the materials' natural beauty speak for themselves.
Each design's shape and size are crucial to consider because your jewelry should not get in your way. Omni Allure creates items that complement who you are and what you do instead of demanding attention.
The final step of the creative process is to finish with a polish. This effort ensures the luminosity and shine of each gemstone or pearl can reach its full potential! Beautiful things make everyone happy, which means our goal is to help you see only smiles every day.
When you enter the realm of Omni Allure, you will have a beautiful design to wear that will always endure. Although we do not write your fairytale, Omni Allure will help you find the goodness of each day that lets your inner beauty prevail.