The Prized Garnet Gemstone Adornment

Garnet And Freshwater Pearl Gemstone Necklace -Omni Allure
 I hope you are all enjoyed the Gemstone Masquerade Ball series featured this month. Lavinia Trevils certainly was pleased to win the title and receive the prized adornment for her many accomplishments throughout the year. Now that she has won this exceptional necklace it will have a place in her Bewitched Collection. Today I will discuss the particulars of this necklace.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
 It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the prized adornment, showcased at the Gemstone Masquerade Ball! 
Handmade Garnet Gemstone Necklace - Omni Allure
This six-strand necklace boasts over three hundred sparkling Mozambique garnets, over 140 Sri Lanka spinel gems. Iridescent accents of freshwater pearls and golden hematite enhance the exquisite beauty of this breathtaking necklace. Each of the six strands is made of filament silk made in Germany and pearl knotted to protect the quality of the gemstones. Undoubtedly this necklace was designed with the elegant women in mind!  
Handmade Garnet Gemstone Necklace - Omni Allure   A necklace of this style is just perfect for your next elegant affair. Perhaps you will attend a masquerade party or have received an invitation to an Autumn wedding. This garnet adornment will create a soft glow around your neck, allowing your complexion to come alive, as you drape it across the delicate contours of your décolleté.
One of the many benefits of wearing garnets is it boosts confidence, which adds to a positive, healthy mindset, something we all covet.  

   For your special event, you will look ravishing when you pair this sparkling gemstone necklace with an evening gown of black, or gold,
burgundy, or cream color. These colors will pair well with this adornment for a stunning finish! Leaving you looking and feeling incredibly feminine and fabulous! Take center stage and sparkle with Omni Allure’s new garnet, spinel, and freshwater pearl necklace gemstone necklace, now available for purchase at Omni Allure's online boutique in Lavinia Trevils  Bewitched collection.  
Handmade Garnet Gemstone Necklace - Omni Allure