A Love Letter To Mothers Everywhere

Handmade Beaded Gemstone Jewelry- The perfect gift!
For my Beautiful one-of-a-kind Mother,
Before you had me, what wonderful fairytale did you think your life would be? Did you dream of a happy-ever-after? Were you hoping for your Prince Charming to come along? 
Instead, it was me.
I often wonder what it was like to have raised me. Having a child is not easy, and bringing love, support, teachings, and creativity into a child’s life, maybe was not what you had envisioned for your life. I want you to know you did a great job.


You remind me of what a beautiful piece of jewelry must be like to create. The trademarks of Omni Allure are captivating, beaded gemstones. In their works, you find ​​glittering adornments of every kind. Omni Allure’s combination of gems and pearl creates dazzling colors that catch the eye while accenting that one-of-a-kind personality of the one who wears it. 

Handmade Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Necklace

That is just like you, Mother of mine—a combination of gems and pearls that glitter in my memory and nestle forever in my heart. Although I could never create this kind of elegance, romance, and poetry, you are my treasure trove of glitters and sparkles, shining forever in my eyes. You gave up your dreams and wishes and helped me to attain mine. You polished my manners, forgave my mistakes, and never, ever took the limelight. 

Did you know that Omni Allure uses Silk thread in the making of all necklaces and bracelets? I remember as if it were yesterday, the silky softness of your arms as they held me after I fell or received a bad mark in school. You dried my tears as I listened to the beating of your heart.

Although perfection is challenging to achieve, it is not impossible. Omni Allure strives to become the best version of themselves in their craft. I know you did, too. You continue to do that, Mother! And just like their unique and ever-enduring qualities, you shine in my eyes as the light that always led me to become the best that I could be. 

It isn’t as beautiful as you, but I hope that you will wear my gift of Omni Allure jewelry and allow it to remind you that this once-upon-a-time child thinks you are the Fairy Queen Mother in my life story.

Gift your mother a sparkling gemstone adornment she can cherish for a lifetime from Omni Allure! 

Handmade Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Necklace