National Book Lovers Day

Free Fantasy Comic Series
Today Omni Allure celebrates the love of reading as it is national book lover’s day. A day set aside for pleasurable reading in your favorite chair, hammock, or under your favorite tree. Reading enriches the soul and fights the depression because it takes you away from the challenges life can pose from day to day in your personal life.
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    The question is, what will you read?  Unfortunately, purchasing a book presents its own hassle and can be expensive depending on your seeking. Then there is the hassle of actually finding something interesting to read, which can be pretty time-consuming. I certainly have spent a fair share of my afternoon standing in a book store reading countless book descriptions, trying to figure out what I should read for pleasure. Where can one find an exciting read for free without the stress of searching numerous pricey books online to find the perfect match?
  Omni Allure is proud to gift beautifully illustrated complementary comics once a week, three times a month. Each comic provides temporary disengagement from reality, inviting you into the realm of fantasy fun. Each of our lovely ladies offers her own unique story and lifestyle in this elegant realm where beauty and femininity are nestled at this society’s core. To start reading today and join the excitement this whimsical comic book series offers. I hope you will enjoy this elegant series.
Free Fantasy Comic Series
Happy National Book Lovers Day!  
Free Fantasy Comic Series
     Omni Allure exists to inspire passion for feminine elegance, to beautify women with our handcrafted designs, and create ​gratifying​ experiences that evoke youthful memories of the fantasy fairytale world. I want to increase happiness, relying on my greatest strengths of passion and creativity.