My Story

One of my most precious memories in early childhood was my yearly attendance to The Nutcracker performance during the holiday season. I remember my anticipation building to its peak the night before attending this much-awaited jovial performance.
I always wanted to wear one of my best dresses reserved for special occasions; unfortunately, The Nutcracker was not one of them. As always, I prepared myself for the task at hand of persuading my mom into allowing me to wear one of her pearl necklaces and a pair of her drop earrings. And as always, I was redirected and reduced to my plastic costume jewelry that I tried to imagine were made of gold and sparkling gemstones.
Upon entering the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco, I always thought of myself as a princess transported into another world. Elaborate costumes in an array of vibrant colors, with scintillating jewels, and sparkling headpieces adorned the most beautiful ballerinas I had ever had the pleasure of watching
From the beautiful Disney princesses to the exquisite Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, my fondness for the realm of fairytale fantasies continued to blossom. They eventually turned into a passion further ignited by my inquisitive propensity to seek out performances and read books catering to all things fairy tales.
What intrigued me most from the fairytale genre was the breathtaking jewels the princesses and queens would adorn. At that time, I showed interest in beading since I was denied access to my mom’s jewelry. I was introduced to beading during my first experience at a bead shop in Palo Alto. I fell in love with all the sparkling glass beads that would catch the light just right when held up to the light.
After that first experience, I began beading bracelets and necklaces, using color combinations I had seen from live performances and movies that had previously enthralled me into the fairytale world.
   Omni Allure encapsulates my earliest childhood fantasies and fervent love for elegant jewelry, creating a balance of what I hold most dear, a passion nurtured throughout my early childhood, and the creativity I developed as an adolescent through my adult life.
I now hope to share my fantasy realm and jewelry designs with those who indulge such fanciful notions and share my appreciation for the elegance, beauty, and merriment that is the sentiment of the fantastical realm, namely Omni Allure.
Omni Allure exists to inspire passion for feminine elegance, to beautify women with my handmade designs, and create ​gratifying​ experiences that evoke youthful memories of the fantasy fairytale world. I want to increase happiness, relying on my greatest strengths of passion and creativity.