Sparkling Gemstones For The Little Black Dress!

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
  Ladies, It is that time of year again! Romance Awareness month has arrived. Perhaps you are planning for a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Or you may be traveling for a splendid gateway picturesque in a serene location. No matter what the occasion, the little black dress will most certainly come in handy. The real question is, what jewelry will you adorn for this lovely romantic affair?
  Every woman knows a pair of dangle drop earrings can illuminate her face allowing for a soft enchanting glow to accentuate her unique beauty. Japanese clear quartz gemstones offer up a brilliant sparkle when in the light, creating the effects of a radiant chandelier captured in an elegant ballroom. When paired with the reflective powers of hematite gemstones, one can be sure to expect maximum scintillation. Faceted black spinel is accented throughout these darling earrings suspended from 925 sterling silver headpins and french wire hooks allowing for the soft sway, which will enhance the sparkling effects. When you pair earrings as smoldering as these with the perfect little black dress, you are sure to create a feast for the eyes.
Japanese Quartz Gemstone Earrings - Omni Allure
  A necklace certainly can offer its own allures for your little black dress. It not only accents femininity, charm, and elegance but the soft contours of the décolleté. Symbols of purity, pearls have always created a sophisticated look. This lovely mauve freshwater pearls glow, warming the complexion, while sparkling Brazilian amethyst cast its brilliance against the golden hematite gemstones. It is fastened with a solid 14 karat gold sphere-shaped clasp for an exquisite finish that will compliment your dress for a splendid evening. 
Amethyst Freshwater Pearl Gemstone Necklace - Omni Allure
 Upon arrival at your destination, you may lock arms with your lover. Why not adorn your wrist with a sparkling adornment? Watch as the lights cause the facets to dance about on your wrist. More sparkle could not be had than three cascading rows of glittering black Sri Lanka spinel and golden hematite gemstones. Black and gold pair well with the little black dress, rather long or short. 
Hematite Gemstone Bracelet- Omni Allure
 This holiday is a celebration of romance. This observance aims to make the public aware of how vital romance is and how important it is for relationships. Add a bit of romance in your life: It matters not if you are married, engaged, or single. Incorporate romance no matter what your status is. Cultivate sweet memories through the use of gemstone jewelry that will be cherished for a lifetime, forming its unique sentiments around events that mean the most to you and your beloved partner. I hope you have yourself an exceptional Romance Awareness month!
African Bloodstone Gemstone Necklace- Omni Allure