A Celebration To The American Worker! Happy Labor Day!

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry - Omni Allure
  Labor Day is a day for the American worker; most of us work week after week to create our American dream for our family and ourselves. This Monday is time for all working people to celebrate their efforts and contributions to society and our economy. You should feel proud for all you do to carve out your place in this world.
When you work hard, you should play hard, rewarding yourself for all that you do. Treat yourself to a beautiful adornment that will accentuate your beauty and pay a compliment to your elegant style. 
  With the warm summer weather, enjoy the beauty of this vivid hot pink and black agate calla lily lariat necklace. Shimmering accents of spinel and reflective facets of silver hematite encompassed between rock quartz gemstones. A 925 sterling silver filigree clasp brings this adornment together for a feminine, fun look.
Agate Calla Lily Lariat Gemstone Necklace - Omni Allure
   For those who prefer more neutral tones, this lovely Egyptian jasper and black spinel necklace are just gorgeous! A 925 sterling silver floral bead covers bring out the rich reddish-brown hues of the faceted jasper stone, creating a sharp contrast that is eye-catching for a fabulous day to night look. 
Red Jasper Gemstone Necklace -Omni Allure
   Have fun in the sun with these colorful drop dangle earrings shine bright in the light with Brazilian amethyst and pink tourmaline 925 sterling silver earrings featuring single luminous freshwater pearls for a softer dainty look perfect for elegant updos to showcase these sparkling gems. 
Tourmaline Amethyst Gemstone Earrings- Omni Allure
  This labor day, you should celebrate all you have accomplished through your hard work and dedication to reaching your personalized version of living the American dream and indulging in selecting your heart’s desire for semi-precious gemstone jewelry. I hope you enjoy your four-day weekend, and Happy Labor Day to each of you!