Meet Lavinia Trevils

Meet Lavinia Trevils- Omni Allure's Free Comic Series
‘’Obsession for life and all its elegant details is what I live for; the possibilities are endless when you live as I do!’’
- Lavinia Trevils  



Lavinia Maurin Trevils

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure


A charismatic to her core filled with confidence and vibrancy that manifests itself in a bubbly way. However, Lavinia is rather self-indulgent and superficial, and at times a tad pretentious

Social Class: 

Lavinia is an heiress to her family’s enormous fortune. The Trevils Perfumery produces luxury fragrances throughout the realm and is revered among most ladies as feminine, elegant, and beautiful.   


Although this heiress never needs to lift her pretty little fingers to work, she undoubtedly enjoys being productive. Lavinia is the head of the creative team for  Algodonite Entertainment, one of the realm’s major entertainment industries.  Algodonite Entertainment is responsible for a considerable share of the realm's most elegant affairs, including The Annual Sparkling Masquerade Ball, where the most prominent are in attendance. As should be expected, Lavinia finds herself at the center of all important affairs. She lives and breathes the social scene and limelight, which is easy to understand as she is a prominent heiress in the realm. 

Afraid of:

A woman of this status certainly has no reason to fear anything other than breaking a nail lifting her ten pound (4.54 kg)  shopping bags. Perhaps there is more than meets the eye; Lavinia has always been the apple of her parent’s eye as the only child. At least that is how it was before her kid sister was born, which Lavinia considers a severe inconvenience. With Lavinia's refined extravagant taste and active lifestyle, she fears falling out of favor with her parents and exhausting her trust fund before she is old enough to experience her first gray hair. This thought crosses her mind on occasion when she finds herself alone being driven home from another soirée.


Oh, you are silly to think she would ever tell you, don’t be ridiculous! Let’s move on. 

Financial Status:

An heiress’s life comes with many benefits, one of which is having access to what seems to be an endless amount of money and, yes, a trust fund. That is right; she is a trust fund baby. It would appear they are everywhere these days. 


Lavinia dislikes sharing her parents with her kid sister, after all, she was at the center of everything before this little bundle of inconvenience was born. Being at the center of attention is what Lavinia prefers. Her sister is the bane of her very existence. 


Lavinia enjoys attending and hosting extravagant events, but she lives for the live theater performances; they mean the world to her. Every event most certainly creates an opportunity to adorn herself with dazzling jewelry. Lavinia also enjoys shopping and afternoon lunches with friends.  

Favorite Color: 

Lavinia is a lover of many colors. Purple is in her top five, although unknowingly most joke that Lavinia loves the color of her obsession, money green. 


Lavinia Trevils, like other prominent girls, attended the most prestigious private schools in her childhood and attended the Enchanting Young Jewels finishing school for young ladies in her adolescence. She graduated from the posh ESU (The Eastern Shores University), an elite university located near the dazzling Eastern Turquoise Sea.


Lavinia works at Algodonite Entertainment as a Creative director, hosting events for exclusive events. Lavinia enjoys staying relevant on the social scene. Most assume Lavinia works only to remain relevant since she does not need to work. Lavinia has always been frivolous because she has a trust fund.


Glistening dark brown eyes that appear to be like radiant onyx gemstones from a distance. Lavinia’s smooth, glowing skin compliments her tight curly dark locks that defy gravity and bounce about her slender, oval-shaped face. Without her designer heels, she stands at 5' 6" (168 cm). All agree when Lavinia is present, the room comes to life with her beauty and energy. 

Leisure hobbies:

Lavinia has always been an a shopaholic and frequents all the major high-end shops on Red Coral Street, home to all the luxury goods one could hope for. She attends the theater to see live performances, of course, with her usual prime parterre box seats, as if she could watch a live performance any other way. She enjoys frequent trips to the fabulous Whisper Wind Day Spa at the luxurious five stars Moonstone Resort located in the serene Jade Mountain Peaks. 

The Trevils Family:

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

George Robert Trevils:

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

 Robert Trevils is a successful perfumer, the largest supplier of fine fragrances in the realm. He met and married Maureen Trevils years ago when he attended one of her many live shows and was smitten by her beauty and charisma. He is a charming man with a lot of patience for his wife, who enjoys spending and living a lavish life. He is a quiet gentleman who very much comes alive when attending important events, particularly those directly correlated with his empire. He enjoys attending the theater; after all, that is where he met his lovely wife. 

Maureen Jocelyn Trevils:
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
The lovely Maureen Jocelyn Trevils was a famous Broadway actress signed with Actinolite Management Company in her younger years. Which is one of the reasons Lavinia is such a lover of the theater. Her mother is now one of the board of directors for the Imperial Topaz Opera House. She is also a shopaholic and well known for her stylish appearance and lavish parties. No doubt those hobbies have been picked from Lavinia. 

 Lacy Sophia Trevils:

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Sweet little wide eye Lacy Sophia Trevils is quite shy and reserved. She is an absolute daddy’s girl who does her very best to steer clear of her mother. Mrs. Trevils will not let little Lacy alone. Lacy so far shows no signs of inheriting the Trevils family Charisma and taste for the high life. As soon as Lacy is old enough, Mrs. Trevils vows to send Lacy to the prestigious Enchanting Young Jewels finishing school for young ladies to bring young Lacy out of her shyness. 

Mr. Gerald Willis and Nina Yvonne Trevils:

Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Mr. Gerald Willis Trevils owned a small essential oils business which he started with his wife, the beautiful Nina Yvonne Trevils. The essential oils business was inspired by his wife's love of fragrances and fascination with horticulture. Thus ‘’Trevils Essential Oils’’ was created. Later, as Robert grew older, he became interested in the family business and subsequently developed the Trevils Essential Oils into the realm's most popular perfumeries. 

      A Day In The Life Of An Heiress
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
      The life of an heiress is undoubtedly one that anyone can be envious to a degree. This high life of society takes actual shape in the form of Lavinia Maurin Trevils, exuding the self-indulgent lifestyle of the upper class and embodies nearly every stereotype of an heiress. Lavinia entertains and hosts to the utmost degree, ensuring memorable moments are created. All in attendance are cared for, resulting in Lavinia’s services and events being the most sought after. Her image not only appearing on the cover of many trendy magazines but her name being the center of nearly all discussion after one of her many successful, elegant soirees.  
   “Miss Trevils?” A waiter gestures for the young heiress; an array of tablecloths colors are laid out in preparations for the latest social event are taking place. “Which color would you like for the table setting?” hustle and bustle surround the air as each member of the staff team involved with the event is working to ensure that the setting is up to Lavinia’s standard of perfection. Lavinia looks at the waiter and then at the table cloths with a bit of a frown. “These are not the colors we ordered…” She clicked her tongue slightly, a bit disappointed at the timing of this unwelcome news. “I will phone someone to have these replaced shortly. They should arrive within the hour.” After waving a hand to signal the waiter off, Lavinia continues her walkthrough of the banquet hall. There is much to do and so little time before this evenings festivities take place. Though Lavinia has hosted multiple charity events, she always strived to have the next event top the previous one.
Lavinia Trevils's Free Comic Series -Omni Allure
  “Miss Trevils!” One of the caterers calls out to her as they set the large table of hors d’oeuvres. “The refreshments are nearly ready. Would you like to have these out as well?”Lavinia briskly walks over to the table as she inspects carefully how the food has been laid out, not a drop to be out of place. “Hm… Yes, this does look up to par.” She nods with approval, and the caterers around her let out a sigh of relief as even the slightest appreciation from Lavinia practically meant the world was in order. She had high standards, which have always been set for her. Though she may seem brash and a bit snobbish to the workers, they all respected her view as she truly always does have the best intentions with these events.
  ‘’ Lavinia…” Julie Peterson, the assistant to Lavinia, rushed up to the heiress with a distraught look. “The necklace you wanted…” “ Please do tell me it’s already set in the dressing room.” Lavinia looks up from the refreshment table and at her assistant with a slightly cold gaze. “You see…” Julie shook her head sadly as she had to deliver a bit of unfortunate news. “Someone appears to have misplaced the parcel it was in…” Lavinia stands up taller with a cross look forming upon her face. She always disliked any slight inconvenience as it meant another step and another task added to her already extensive list of to-dos.“ Track the package!  I don't want to hear about lost parcels find a way to get my jewelry here before this evening Julie! You should no better than to waste time with useless information that does nothing for me!’’  She sighs, clearly unhappy with her assistance performance. ‘’ Julie should know better!’’ Lavinia thought to herself,  “And do so within the hour as well. I need extra time for hair and makeup before the event.” Julie nods aggressively before making her way back to the rooms where the parcel was supposed to be. This is just another day in the life of Lavinia Maurin Trevils. 
   Lavinia has always been indulged due to her family’s fortune and brought up being at the center of her parent’s attention.  When Lavinia is engaged in conversation with those in her inner circle, she lights up with enthusiasm, delighting all with her bubbly personality that takes center stage, with the mindset of  – prim, proper, and popular. However, there is another side of this socialite that most people never witness. A side that she, on the rarest of occasions, let slip through with minor inconveniences, and that of her is spiteful, snooty, and impatient.“Lavinia this, Lavinia that… Can’t anyone do anything, right?” Lavinia thought to herself as she continued to oversee the hectic going preparations. She knows the place she has in society and does every bit right to make sure that she is nothing except perfect – of course, sometimes facades can be quite transparent. That is what is unbeknownst to the notable guest in attendance for tonight’s event.