Meet Cordelia Fern

Meet Cordelia Fern - Omni Allure's Free Comic Series

 “True beauty is not gaudy; it is discrete and humble like a gemstone hidden in the earth, waiting for a patient hand to extract it and an expert eye to see it for what it is.” -Cordelia Fern

Cordelia Fern is not a typical, cookie-cutter woman by any stretch of the word. Despite her seraphic beauty that would rival a supermodel and bubbly disposition that could make even the most reserved person feel at ease, Cordelia never fails to stay true to herself and remain steadfastly uncompromising in her principles.
While some people tend to peg her as a stereotypical bimbo who cares more about appearances than anything, this stunning young woman has time and again proved that she is above and beyond the archetypal girl-next-door others often mistake her for. As such, she will not go out of her way to pander for anyone’s approval; she is what she is, regardless of whether or not people accept her. 
To those that do, know her best say she is like a diamond – unbreakable, brilliant. and the best a friend any girl could ask for.
Cordelia Citrinitas Fern
Cordelia Fren's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
 A reference to the gemstone, ‘citrine,’ which in the language of gems means ‘vision and will power.’ Likewise, it is a reference to the third stage of the alchemical magnum opus, which turns silver to gold. Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung makes reference to describe an archetype of self-discovery where a person, after learning all he/she could, has now come to possess wisdom and understanding beyond his/her years.
Elegant, confident, and undeniably intelligent, Cordelia knows what she has and is not afraid to use whatever assets in her possession to further her own goals towards her dream. Nevertheless, she has a firm understanding of her worth as a person and, as such, remains humble in success yet fierce in the face of adversity. She is naturally an adventurous soul and loves exotic lands and people, similar to her great grandfather, a former sailor; a trait carried over into her choice of wares that faithfully represent the culture these jewels, accessories, and various other statement pieces hail from.


Although she is already an accomplished businesswoman who rubs elbows with the rich and famous regularly, her primary motivation remains the same – to live a real-life true to oneself while helping others see the beauty that lies within themselves. As simple as it is, it is nevertheless one of the things that help keep Cordelia grounded despite her meteoric rise to success.

Afraid of:

Despite Cordelia’s naturally sunny disposition that seems to dispel fear in herself and those around her, Cordelia herself is constantly afraid of failure, albeit not in the general sense. Instead, it seems more apt to say that she is terrified of being led astray from the path she had laid out for herself, and in effect, lose her individuality and freedom – to fail to hold herself up to the ideal version of herself.


“Why aren’t we the curious one? Don’t you know it’s bad manners to ask a lady her age?”

Social Class:

Cordelia is from the upper class. The Fern Family business has done very well.  

Financial Status:

Cordelia is undoubtedly a woman of means. The Fern Family business has done very well. However, Cordelia is not a gaudy woman. There is a trust fund set up for her from her great grandfather's fine collection of valuable antiques from his adventures at sea in his youth.  


Cordelia cannot bear the thought of being idle; being in one place for a prolonged period of time is a no-go for this woman. Her biggest pet peeve is gaudy people, which is unfortunate for Cordelia as she lives in a realm with vast wealth and often finds herself in the company of such people quite frequently.    


Cordelia is a traveler; most people say it is because of the upbringing that sends her sojourning everywhere in search of adventure. When she is not traveling, she enjoys outdoor activities. She is usually spotted cruising on Maryellen towards Sapphire Cove. She enjoys backpacking through Serpentine Forest and enjoys dining at the Tanzanite Lounge for excellent seafood and live music.  

Favorite Color:

Orange, due to its association with her second name.


Cordelia had private tutors; she traveled a lot as a child because of the family business. Cordelia’s mother made sure to enroll her daughter at The Enchanting Young Jewels Finishing school For Young Ladies just as Cordelia reached her adolescence. Cordelia graduated from the transformative University of Malachite tucked away in the beautiful Jade Peak Mountains region of the realm.   


                                      Cordelia Fern is an Antique Dealer 


A beautiful young woman seemingly in her early twenties, with long fiery red hair flowing cascading down an angelic visage with unblemished peach-white skin. She stands at an average 5’7” but usually hits the 5’9” mark whenever she wears high-heeled shoes as part of her sophisticated fashion style that perfectly compliments her smooth hourglass figure.

Leisure hobbies:

Being the life of an adventure-seeker with a great love for travel and the outdoors, Cordelia’s leisurely activities reflect that part of her personality. When not traveling from one place to another to acquire jewelry for both sale and personal use, Cordelia is an avid equestrienne with several blue ribbons under her saddle. Moreover, as a sailor’s daughter, this young woman has long earned her sea legs and knows her way around a sailboat, enough to even sail solo, should the need for it arise. Nevertheless, she prefers to do so only on the Maryellen, her father’s cruiser docked in the Hematite Harbor named in honor of his late grandmother, Maryellen Judith Fern.

Meet The Fern Family:

The Fern Family Tree- Omni Allure's Free Comic Series

Edward Amos Fern:Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Cordelia’s father is a skilled businessman and owner of the highly successful Fern Charter Boat Company. He started the business with just one sailboat named after the late Maryellen, his grandmother who raised him. 


Lydia Kristen Fern:Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Cordelia’s mother is a gemologist and appraiser for various museums and auction houses specializing in ancient jewelry. Lydia Fern Is an enthusiastic rider who was an equestrienne in her younger years. 


Eddie Amos and Edena Maryellen Fern:

Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Cordelia is the eldest daughter. She has two younger siblings, the twins, who are eight years of age and tend to be a handful, seldom running out of energy. They prefer spending their afternoon with their beloved great grandfather, who tells endless stories of his younger years at sea. 

Maryellen Judith Fern: Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Cordelia’s late great-grandmother, Maryellen, who was such a gentlewoman, nurtured Cordelia’s father into today’s lovable man he is today.  

Edgar Steven FernCordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Great grandfather Fern, a former sailor, spent his younger years at sea exploring vast lands and collecting fine antiques. Edgar now enjoys spending time with his great-grandchildren and helping his grandson Edward run the Fern Charter Boat business.     

Cordelia’s Horse Name:

Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Powder, an affectionate Lipizzan stallion Cordelia, received a birthday gift from her mother, who always supported Cordelia’s passion for riding and other outdoor activities. 
''Diamonds Are Unbreakable''
Cordelia Fern's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Cordelia stepped through the shabby entryway into a room that was barely larger than her living room after being invited in by an older man who, her sources tell, was willing to make a sale. Looking around at the scratched and colorless walls, the rotten plank that passed for a table, and the filthy hearth that had seen many desperate winters, the young woman could not help but let her heart sink into her chest.
To think that this was the best house in this remote mining village only drove home the fact of the crippling poverty present in this largely unknown town despite it being one of the very few places where she could buy one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. Blood Painite; a deep red gemstone that has been known to make people quite a pretty penny with even just a few carats.
“Thank you for your hospitality, good sir,” Cordelia said before taking a seat on a dusty old couch.
“Not a problem, young lady,” he replied in a tone that forced a modicum of civility yet poorly hid his desire to simply get the transaction done as soon as possible.
It was not a surprise considering what happened to him. All, based on the stories Cordelia’s regular contact told, the old man she was buying from had been a prominent jeweler dealer until his country’s largest syndicate conspired to destroy his business and run his finances through the ground. All for the simple fact that he did not want to give them a cut of his hard-earned profits. Cordelia understood that mindset more than anything; after all, she was a fellow businessperson as well, and she would rather die than give a single cent of extortion money to criminals.
After a brief exchange of niceties, the old jeweler brought out his stash from a nondescript backpack that had seen years of wear and tear – a small pouch of Blood Painite which, upon further inspection, Cordelia noted was worth within the ballpark of around several hundred thousand to a million. Her lips curled into a smile; she knew she had to get it whatever it takes since, knowing it might be the grand opportunity she had been waiting for to elevate her own antique business finally.
Before she could further inspect the stones’ quality, however, the older man interrupted her thoughts and asked her a strange question.
“Tell me, young lady, how much do you like my wares?”
Cordelia pondered on the query; she did not quite understand. Was it not apparent to him that she adored the gems before her?
“Yes, I do like them. It shows your passion for your craft, and I would be honored to purchase these gemstones from you for a fair price,” she replied. It was a safe answer, but it was not what he wanted to hear from the sour expression on the man’s face.
“A lot of people have told me similar lines in the past, only for them to try and stab me in the back,” the old man confessed. “But I will give you the benefit of the doubt. However, before we continue, tell me; what did you first think of me – this village – when you first arrived here? Don’t you find it strange that it’s not the fortress of cement and iron where most jewel sellers do business?”
Cordelia shook her head, carefully choosing her words to ingratiate herself to her host’s best but at the same time abide by the truth. Finally, after a minute of constructing a proper response, she let her heart speak for itself.
“Pity – that was what I felt. I wondered why this town was in such a state of squalor, although it is rich with Blood Painite deposits. It made me think that something was wrong and that the flow of money was somewhere stifled unjustly to benefit only a few.”
The older man smirked. “So it is, I guess. Well then, if I tell you who exactly is responsible for that, what would you do to that person?”
Cordelia did not hesitate to imbue her answer with the same fire as her hair color. ‘’ I do not deal with jerks who treat their employees like garbage!”
“Why is that?” the old man further inquired.
“Because relationships are like diamonds; nurtured under immense pressure, hard to find, yet unbreakable when obtained. If an employer treats their employees like precious gemstones, then the product would naturally be good. If not, then the product would become nothing less than substandard – not even worth my time.”
In that fiery tirade against the hypothetical head of the entire operation, the older man allowed himself a chuckle; he liked that – her blunt words resonated with him, prompting the elder to extend a hand towards the remarkable young woman with wisdom far beyond her years.
“Well then, it seems as though my ‘poor village’ façade worked quite well to disguise my business,” he admitted. “Rest assured, young miss, everyone here is being paid quite well, and it shows in the product before you, as you have already seen.”
Cordelia was surprised by the sudden revelation but ultimately allowed herself to laugh along with the older man.
“I thought as much,” she answered. “Then again, I seriously thought there was some mistreatment going on. In that case, I would have done something – anything!”
The older man shook his head. “Well, your sentiments are much appreciated, young lady; and I look forward to fostering a business relationship that is, in your own words, similar to diamonds,” he said. “Now then, shall we talk shop?”
“Yes, of course!” Cordelia nodded gleefully. “How about we start with the price?”