Meet Annalise Noelle

Meet Annalise Noelle -Omni Allure's Free Comic Series
‘’Fear of failure causes people to compromise on what they want and can achieve. I remind myself daily that I will succeed; I will go further than my mother ever did!’’ -Annalise Noelle 
Look at her; is it that difficult for you to understand why a woman like this can have whatever she desires? People see her as the most charming, sweet young woman with a dazzling appearance that would melt the heart of any man within her soft gaze. Annalise wears this mask almost as well as her mother. She is fierce, clever, and is the very definition of ambitious. Air on the side of caution with this one! Do not let the sweet face fool you. She knows what she wants and always gets what her heart desires.


Annalise Darcie Noelle

Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series - Omni Allure


Ambitious, cultured, poised, and a true perfectionist, Annalise is the total package.  She is not afraid to reach for the gold medal in life, and why shouldn’t she? Annalise inherited her power-hungry mindset from her fierce and competitive mother. 


Annalise is a woman of means; she is the direct descendant of the late Harold Liam Noelle, the greatest architect in the realm. The late Mr. Noelle designed and built the radiant Gemstone Towers prominently featured in the capital city, which pays homage to the foundation and success of the realm's vast wealth and immense prestige. Annalise’s bloodlines mean very little to her. She aims to own The Garnet Art Gallery, where she is currently employed. Did you think she planned to work for someone for the rest of her life? Please let us try to be serious! Above everything, her number one goal is to out-perform her mother in every aspect of life. From career to marriage, she longs to build her legacy, to show everyone in the realm she is more than just the beautiful daughter of the prestigious Noelle family.

Afraid of:

You mean it is not apparent yet? Fear of failure! Annalise is plagued with fear, though she would rather die a terrible death than own up to that fact. Fear weakens the spirit; it paralyzes your ability for success, something Annalise will never allow to happen. 


She pleads the fifth every time I told you she was good. 

Financial Status:

She comes from old money enough, said. Keep digging for information, and she will sic her family’s attorney on you!


Annalise cannot bear the thought of making costly mistakes. Especially when those mistakes are on full display for all to see, she aims for perfection in every aspect of her life. The sting of salt on an open cut is what Annalise feels when in the company of women who have more prestige. Women who are in relationships with prominent men Annalise feels entitled to do not sit well with her. To sum this up, she dislikes anyone who might pose a threat to her rise in power.  


She is an avid reader and enjoys painting, fine dining, and romantic getaways, compliments of whomever she allows to court her. Did I mention the gifts of beautiful jewelry she loves to collect from her various admirers?

Favorite Color:

You mean you have not figured it out? She loves the color of money green almost as much as the real thing... Almost.


She attended private schools in her childhood. In her adolescent years, she attended the Enchanting Young Jewels Finishing school for young ladies, the most prominent finishing school in the realm. All the women in her mother’s family attended this particular finishing school. Annalise graduated from USG (The University Of Sparkling Gems) with honors. 


Annalise is the Gallery Director at the prominent Garnet Galleries, home to some of the realm’s most breathtaking gemstone art pieces.    


She has Sparkling dark brown almond-shaped eyes that perfectly sit within their sockets, a delicately heart-shaped face, with shiny cascades of raven locks hang in perfect symmetry around her svelte waistline, creating a look that certainly turns heads everywhere she goes. Annalise stands gracefully at 5’4ft (162.56cm) with a clear, smooth, radiant olive complexion.   

Leisure hobbies:

From a young age, she has always been a painter, and enjoys painting, landscapes; mostly the properties her family owns or have designed in the realm. Annalise enjoys traveling and attending jewelry auctions, of course always with one of ‘’her human’’ credit cards that indulge her in every way. Although Annalise is focused, she is and always will be a hopeless romantic. 

Meet The Noelle Family:

Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure

Vivian Marie Noelle:

Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
Vivian Marie Noelle is Chancellor of prestigious Enchanting Young Jewels finishing school for young ladies. Annalise looks up to her mother, who has mastered the art of seduction while remaining elusive, making her mother all the more desirable to men and women alike. Annalise yearns to impress her mother while at the same time would give anything to surpass her. Annalise hopes to show the world that she, like her mother, possesses that same mythical quality that her mother has so ardently guarded within the depths of her heart. Vivian’s passions have fueled her to elevated heights of becoming Chancellor of the most prestigious finishing school in the realm and the wife of Bernard Thomson Noelle.
Bernard Tomson Noelle:
Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series- Omni Allure
Bernard Thomson Noelle is the descendant of the great Harold Liam Noelle, the famous architect who built the radiant Gemstone Towers, which stands elegantly in the Capital City. Mr. Noelle inherited a powerful architect firm that monopolizes most of the sought-after contracts in the realm. Bernard is a very busy serious man who spends a great deal of his time attending to his firm’s needs. In the business setting, Mr. Noelle is a fair man, though his son’s opinion differs from most on the outside looking in.   

David Louis Noelle:

Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
The eldest is her brother David Louis Nolle who is the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Noelle. David’s heart will melt for his mother, but quite often will turn to the ice for his father. David considers  his father to be a hard man, unwilling to let him take over the family business. David feels childlike and unfairly treated. David is quite arrogant in almost every aspect of life, particularly regarding his role in the family business. David will follow in his father’s footsteps and have complete control over the family’s architectural firm as all Noelle men have for generations. If only David could be a little bit more humble and exercise patience, his father would have given David a higher position in the firm.    
Harold Liam Noelle:
Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
The prestigious Harold Liam Noelle was a man of great importance in the realm, as he was the architect that designed and built The Gemstone Towers in all its vast beauty.
Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series -Omni Allure
Throughout the realm, it is believed that he created the sparkling Gemstone Towers as a personal gift to the beloved Lyudmila, The Founding Mother. Some believe that the great Harold Liam Noelle and founding mother were relatively close, perhaps more than friends. However, there is little to no known proof on that matter.     

A Night At The Auction 

Annalise Noelle Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
  Annalise strode through the spacious lobby of the largest and most distinguished art gallery in the realm. Her six-inch heels click-clacked against the beautiful mahogany wood that lined the floor. The sound bounced against the burgundy colored walls and through the white arches that led to their many display rooms.
  Sure, the heels were pinching a bit at her feet, but it was worth it. All of the staff members were looking at her— she knew it. How could they not when she was wearing her specially tailored sapphire blue dress from Carnelian’s Department store on Red Coral Street. When  Annalise shopped, she purchased only the best.
  As she passed by the front desk, she waved her delicate hand at the man behind it.“Good night, Archie,” her voice was as smooth as silk. She resisted the smirk that tugged at her lips at the sight of Archie growing red. He tugged at the collar of his shirt.“You too, m-miss,” he nodded towards her.
  She was glad to be done with the day. Her mind momentarily flitted to the files that were stacked neatly atop her desk. Despite the paperwork, she loved being the gallery Director at Garnet Galleries, a swanky gemstone art gallery she worked for. She was great at her job; there was no doubt about that.  Surrounding herself with beautiful things was how she loved to live her life; there was no better way, in her opinion. But, it wasn’t enough to make her content.
  She awaited the day that she would become the owner of the Garnet Galleries she works for. She deserved it that much, she was sure. She was more business savvy than the current owner— she had her father’s influence to thank for that. Bernard Thompson Noelle, her father, was well known in the architecture world and is the Noelle Architectural firm owner. Annalise even had the owner beat when it came to her knowledge of art and her appreciation for it- being an experienced painter aided her in this area.
  It was only a matter of time until she would take over as the new owner of The Garnet Gallery. After all, she would not be her mother’s daughter if she did not go on to do great things. Her mother, Vivian, was a model for success, a model for perfection. She was the Chancellor of the prestigious Enchanting Young Jewels Finishing School For Young Ladies, and she was married to an equally successful man.
  It was impossible not to know about the prestigious Noelle family lineage— her great great grandfather was the greatest architect in the realm after all. He had built one of the most famous structures known to the population— the gemstone towers in the capital city. Her family’s legacy surrounded her no matter where she went. It was a legacy that she could not personally take part in, no matter how often she proved herself to be capable. That honor would go to her brother, David Louis Noelle.That was no matter for her to ponder now. She had dreams that consumed her every thought. 
  The cold night air bit at her nose as she exited the gallery, murmuring a quiet “thank you” to the doorman. The limousine was already idling at the curb, the steam from the exhaust curling delicately in the air. The driver rushed forward to open her door.
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series -Omni Allure
  “Hi, sweetheart.” Sat inside was her current beau — Mark Lee. He looked suave in his tuxedo, not as good as Annalise, but it would do. He also happened to be the owner of the card that she used to purchase her attire.
  It wasn’t that Annalise didn’t have any money, quite the opposite. She had no problem being independent and taking care of herself; she just enjoyed spending her new boy toy’s money. Annalise knew they liked it too. The idea that they were taking care of her, that they were the alpha, the one that would give her nice, new shiny things— it inflated their egos. They were all so simple; it amused Annalise to no end.
  That’s how it always was with these men— men like Phillip, who was attractive enough with their perfectly coiffed hair and sharp jawlines. Those were the ones that were easy to wrap around her finger. Beau after beau would take her on extravagant vacations and give her the finest jewelry. Then, of course, the relationship would fade sometime after she grew tired of all the relationship and felt the romantic flames burning less brightly.
  She supposed she wanted something like her parent’s own relationship. Her mother could play her dear father like a fiddle. He gave Vivian the world. Annalise figured that the vacations and jewelry were enough for now.
  The banquet hall that the auction was held at was as elegant as the people attending the event. The carpet was a velvet red with dozens of mahogany wood tables topped with white cloth sprawled about the open floor space. At the very front of the room stood a stage and podium where the pieces would be presented.
  Annalise had half a glass of wine, nothing more and nothing less. It was underwhelming— not dry enough and a bit too sweet for her. She ended up handing it off to Phillip, who took it without complaint. She was not here for the wine anyway.
  She watched with rapt attention as the auctioneer moved from item to item. Annalise felt adrenaline spike through her at the sight of the following item displayed in— a stunning pair of earrings and a bracelet, both gemstone-encrusted. The moment had arrived; this was it; this was what she wanted.
  On every number, she bid, higher and higher— not hesitating to shoot her hand up, brandishing the sign with her designated number. The price was slowly growing absurd, not that Annalise cared. She knew quality when she saw it, and it wasn’t even her money she was spending. Her date sat next to her with a boyish grin on his face. She knew he was enjoying this, that he felt some sort of dominance from the way she so carelessly spent his money.“Sold! To 60!” The auctioneer stopped his torrent of words to say the number that Annalise held in her hand. An unabashed smile grew on her face.It was all hers. Annalise never doubted for a moment that it would belong to anyone else other than herself. After all, Annalise Noelle gets everything she wants.