A Tour Through Omni Allure- An Introduction To The Realm

An Introduction To The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
In this vast land, elegance and femininity go hand and hand.
You will require a guide, so if you’ll kindly step aside, 
I will go along with you for this epic ride.  
Let's begin, shall we?
The Eastern Turquoise Sea:The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Comic Series
Rather you fly or arrive by cruise ship; you are immediately mesmerized by the immense beauty of The Eastern Turquoise Sea, given its name not only from its intense turquoise color but from its turquoise treasures that lay beneath its calm surface.  The gentle waves appear so smooth as if they were made of soft silk billowing in the wind. Caught in a trance, one might feel as if he or she were gently floating above its surface, lulled to sleep by the steady rhythm of the waves. The gentle breeze caresses your face as the golden rays of sunshine warm your skin. Pulling you closer to its shores.
Hematite Harbor: 
Omni Allure's Free Comic Series
Arriving at the shores, you can sink your feet in the warmth of the golden sand because you have arrived at Hematite Harbor. The harbor can feel overwhelming at times. Especially during the summer months, a fair number of residents and tourists take sailboats and yachts out for the afternoon. Are you afraid to brave the sea on your own? You can always book a sailing expedition with The Fern Charter Boat Co, and explore some of the smaller islands nearby.  
Aquamarine Falls: The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
Who could resist the enchanting lure of Aquamarine Falls? The realm’s most breathtaking waterfall is made of pure liquefied aquamarine gems. Watch as sparkling cascades of aquamarine pour into the waters below, leaving on lookers entranced by the natural phenomenon of this gorgeous gemstone waterfall.   
Lava Stone Island:
Omni Allure's Free Comic Series
The sun is occasionally blocked by the exceptional beauty of Lava Stone Island, a wonderful quaint getaway located in the middle of the Eastern Turquoise Sea. Pamper yourself at the Rhyolite Day Spa with decadent diamond dust facials for radiant skin, and enjoy a rejuvenating outdoor sulfur bath.  In the evening, meet and dine with friends at Geodes Steakhouse, with panoramic views of the island's immense beauty. One of Lava Stone Island's best features is its natural hot springs, an absolute must if one is visiting during the winter months.  

Dark Onyx Garden:
The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
For those who enjoy urban legends and the paranormal, Dark Onyx Garden is the place to be! Discover the elegance and the long mystical history of the Dark Onyx Garden. Beware of being taken in by all that you see or think you see!

Jade Mountain Peaks: 
The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
Discover the secrets of Jade Mountain Peaks and its various luxuries. Tucked away at its secluded center is the five-star Moonstone Resort, where one can indulge in relaxing spa treatments and engage in gemstone rock climbing for those avid rock climbers. 
Opal Estates: 
The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
Tour some of the finest neighborhoods located in Opal Estates, home to nearly all the well-to-do families in this region of the realm. Unfortunately, tours are only available from late spring through early summer when a fair number of citizens vacation to their summer homes away from tourists.  
Clear Quartz Glacier Point:The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
Perhaps you and your loved ones prefer a winter wonderland experience. Then you must be sure to visit Clear Quartz Glacier Point for winter sports and fun-filled frolicking through the powdered snow infused with micro particles of zirconia gems, creating a beautiful shimmering effect that certainly leaves a lasting impression for visiting tourists.  
Elegant Caves Of Amber: The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
If you fancy yourself a photographer, then you must take a grand tour through the Elegant Caves of Amber.  Natural sculptures have formed underground, leaving most tourist breathless in awe of its elegant beauty. 
Amethyst Vineyards: 
The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
Indulge in a fine selection of sumptuous champagne and wine locally grown at Amethyst Vineyards; now offering luxurious wine baths, followed by a relaxing 90-minute grape seed oil massage. Be sure to book in advance as spaces are limited due to their popularity among locals and tourists. Explore the elegant vineyards and discover the secrets to making superior wine with amethyst gemstones known in the realm to enhance the immune system and improve digestion leaving your skin with a sparkling glow!
Sapphire Cove: 
Omni Allure's Free Comic Series
Take some time to go scuba diving or jet-skiing. Go crabbing for the sweet meat of the succulent crustaceans that can are found at  the beautiful Sapphire Cove. Where the water sparkles with the brilliance of sapphires that lay beneath the surface of the cove. Perhaps you would prefer to take the laid-back approach and enjoy live entertainment with dinner at The Tanzanite Lounge. A high-end seafood restaurant and hang out, with raving reviews from tourists who dine there. 

Rose Quartz Garden: 
Annalise Noelle's Free Comic Series - Omni Allure
Enjoy the splendor and serene beauty of the lovely Rose Quartz Garden. Where family and friends can enjoy elegant picnics, host events, and collect one's private thoughts. The rose Quartz Garden is an excellent choice for those who seek tranquility.
Pearl Manor: 
Pearl Manor -Omni Allure
Pearl Manor makes for a romantic stay for newlyweds and couples visiting if you visit the eastern side of the realm. Make a reservation at the famous Oyster Gems five-star restaurant for a delicious gourmet meal with your significant other. 
Serpentine Forest: The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series
For adventurous hikers and thrill-seekers alike, explore the exotic Serpentine Forest. Wildlife roams free and is known to captivate tourists with its majestic beauty and awe-inspiring habitat. Warning: Serpentine Forest must be explored with an experienced guide familiar with all public hiking trails. These hikes are for tourists who have vast outdoor experience. 


The Gemstone towers: 

Front view

The Gemstone Towers Free Fantasy Comic Series -Omni Allure

Back view

The Gemstone Towers -Free Fantasy Comic Series - Omni Allure

At the very core of this realm’s vast feminine beauty is the beloved radiant Gemstone Towers, symbols of the realm's abundant wealth and power. It is located in the posh capital city’s secluded hills. Tours are always available to learn about its rich history and traditions adopted from its Elegant Founding Mother, the lovely Lyudmila.

Red Coral Street:

The Realm Of Omni Allure -Free Fantasy Comic Series

Enjoy shopping on Red Coral Street, home to high fashion and all luxury goods.  Experience the delicious flavors of gourmet cuisines available throughout the city’s gastronomy scene. 

The Grand Imperial Topaz Opera House:

This exquisite opera house is made of the beautiful Swiss blue topaz gemstone, this gem represents calmness and inner peace. The steps are made of frosted polished clear quartz stones that encompass the opera house.  Sizable accents of scintillating FL ( flawless ) diamonds allow for a brilliant sparkle no matter the time of day or night.  Attend a live performance at the Grand Imperial Topaz Opera House, 40 miles from The Gemstone Towers. I recommend getting your tickets early, as most of the residents in the capitol city are theater goers and purchase season tickets in advance.  Not to worry there are no bad seats inside this theater, the acoustics are astounding no matter what seats you purchase! 

Funding Your Expenses:

Credit Card- Omni Allure

Are you short on cash? Not to worry, all tourists may apply for a temporary 925 sterling silver credit card with sparkling accents of garnets and citrine gemstones. Applications are available at Painite National Bank. Unfortunately, at this time, all solid gold diamond-encrusted credit cards are reserved for Omni Allure citizens only.

 WARNING: As per the laws of this elegant realm, all tourists must turn in their 925 sterling silver credit cards before departure, as it is to be melted down for use by future tourists. 

Whatever delights you, the realm of Omni Allure is sure to give you the break you deserve from reality and whisk you away into elegance, femininity, and vast beauty.  The citizens of this splendid realm are proud of the mantra created by The Founding Mother herself since its inception. ‘’Everything designed with the elegant woman in mind!’’ This concludes the tour, and I hope you have enjoyed the overview of the realm. Be sure to view Omni Allure’s complimentary series ‘’The Elegant Ladies Of Omni Allure’’ Tuesdays three times a month!