A Gemstone A Day May Keep The Doctor Away!

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
 Autumn brings many pleasures with its season, and today is daylight savings time hooray for those who gain an extra hour of sleep! Unfortunately, in exchange for that extra hour of rest come the shorter days. Leaving some parts of the world in darkness nearly all day. Being plunged into darkness can leave us feeling the blues, longing for the warmth of the sun.
There are many ways to push back against the late autumn blues that would otherwise wreak havoc, causing despair.
Gemstones are known to have many natural healing powers; allowing for an  emotional up lifting. Today we will explore nature’s magical wonders that captive hearts and minds alike with its colorful myriad of valuable gemstones. 
Handmade Freshwater Pearl Amethyst Necklace
The colder weather keeps most of us at home, which can feel stifling, leaving some in isolation with heavy loneliness in the heart and mind. Amethyst gems have been known to help with loneliness and absorb negative thoughts that would otherwise consume you.
Amethyst is a gem worth adorning, not only because of the valuable healing benefits, but for its exceptional beauty. This glittering amethyst and spinel lariat gemstone necklace cast its brilliance against biwa- style, mauve pearls perched atop a single quartz briolette for a lovely finish.
Handmade Carnelian Jasper Gemstone Bracelet
Handmade Carnelian Jasper Gemstone Bracelet
 The uncomfortable feeling of anxiety drives can drive one crazy; leaving a person stressed, fearful, and doubting every aspect of their lives. Discover the beauty and benefits of the Jasper gemstone. Jasper gems are said to have a calming effect, promoting courage, and relieving stress in our daily lives.
Fasten this 925 stealing silver jasper and reddish-orange carnelian gemstone around your wrist to receive all the fantastic benefits and enhance your feminine style. The splendid color pattern of this gemstone bracelet will help to brighten your day!   Handmade Rock Quartz Freshwater Pearl Gemstone Earrings
  Many people battle with depression when the dark skies hover above during daylight savings time. Spark emotional balance, enhance positive thoughts, and increase your relaxation. Giving you a sanguine outlook on darker times with clear quartz gemstones. Quartz gemstones have been said to harness all these valuable benefits. This elegant pair of clear rock quartz gemstone earrings look darling with iridescent pearls and reflective accents of silver hematite suspended by 925 sterling silver French wire hooks and headpins.  
Handmade Gemstone Jewelry- Omni Allure
Don't allow yourself to be overcome with grief because of the change in weather or perhaps other issues that may bring about a negative mindset. 
Redirect your mind, allowing for positive thoughts, and vibrancy. 
Your sparkling gemstone jewelry prescription awaits you. View Omni Allure’s Enchantress, Sojourn, and Bewitched collection to select the right look for your style!